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The Human Face of God

The Human Face of God

CCA is beginning a new sermon series entitled The Human Face of God.

Our love for God is directly correlated to our knowledge of God. We want to help people know God in order that they might love him better.

R. C. Sproul once wrote, “The word of God can be in the mind without being in the heart, but it cannot be in the heart without first being in the mind.”

So as 2019 begins, we will examine the word of God to discover what God says about himself. We won’t do it merely for the sake of increasing our knowledge, but also for the sake of changing our hearts.

Along the way we’ll be taking a closer look at the anthropomorphisms of Scripture. If you’re not familiar with that term, don’t worry – you’re not alone! But by the time we’re through with this series, you’ll be able to cite a number of them. Buckle up your seat-belts.

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