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Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth

The season of Advent – the four Sundays that precede Christmas – is here again! Advent means coming or arrival. It’s the season when we recall the sense of expectation God’s people, the Jews, had as they waited for the arrival of their Messiah – the King who would rescue them.

This year during Advent we’re focusing on one of the central promises related to Christ’s coming – that his arrival meant “peace on earth, good will toward men.”

One of the universal longings of the human heart is for peace. The Hebrew word for peace is shalom and implies an all-encompassing atmosphere of harmony, soundness, welfare, and connection to one another. Human beings are at their best when they experience shalom – in fact, God’s purpose is that all of creation come into the state of His shalom.

Of course, when we look at the circumstances of our world today, it seems that shalom is distant, at best. Throughout the world, conflict arises with astounding repetitiveness. And many today are pointing to historic levels of division and partisanship within our nation.

What does it mean that Jesus brings “peace on earth?” And how does He bring it?

On the four Sundays of Advent, we will look at four specific arenas in which Jesus is the shalom bringer: Jesus brings peace with the created order, peace with ourselves, peace with one another, and peace with God. May the God of Peace bring a deeper experience of shalom to us and to those around us as we draw closer to Him!

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