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Kingdom, Come

Kingdom, Come

What might happen if we welcomed the reign of God?

Did you know that Jesus talked more about the kingdom of God than any other topic? It was central to his teaching. In fact, it was a bigpart of what got Jesus into trouble. But what did he mean when he talked about the kingdom? And what implications does it have for us?

During this series, we’ll explore the message and meaning of the kingdom. What does it look like? How do we get into it? And how should we behave when we get there? We’ll explore why Jesus said that the kingdom starts out small, but then fills the whole earth. And we’ll discover what we’re actually asking for when we pray, “Your kingdom come.”

October 22 – Undercover Boss / What happens when God takes over?

October 29 – It’s a Really Big Deal / What happens when we live as if the whole earth mattered?

November 5 – Broken Chains / What happens when God sets us free?

November 12 – Humble Pie / What happens when we give up our rights?

November 19 – Thanksgiving / What happens when we live with delight?

November 26 – Here’s Hoping / What happens when the future becomes the present?

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