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How to Neighbor

How to Neighbor

Who is my neighbor? And how do I love them?

The focus of Jesus’ time, energy, and teaching seemed to revolve around answering those two questions.

The spring series focuses on How to Neighbor.

He slowed down for children, went out of his way to touch lepers, engaged with those who were religiously and culturally different, elevated women, and showed honor to those who had been pushed to the margins. He ate with tax collectors and political rebels, religious people and prostitutes, sinners and saints, rich and poor. People who looked nothing like Jesus, liked Jesus. Can the same be said of his followers?

The Church is meant to be the body of Christ; we are the hands and feet of Jesus to the world today. When people encounter us, do they encounter Jesus? When people think about us, what does it tell them about Jesus?

When you think about the neighbors in your circles, think of those you encounter in the following places: Geographical neighbors: where you live. Marketplace neighbors: where you work. Social neighbors: where you play - school, gym, coffeehouse, etc.

How can you practically show them the love and life of Jesus? As we walk through this sermon series, we want to strive to be people who look at the world like Jesus did. This series will facilitate that process by asking questions, diving into the scriptures, and giving you ideas of how to live it out practically.

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