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His Story

His Story

During 2017 our whole church is reading through the Bible and each sermon is dedicated to the Bible section that we read that week. It’s quite an adventure. We’re focusing on God’s Story… the account of how He works in our world. The history of the world really is HIS STORY. God has always been active… he delights to intervene in our lives. And ultimately, He sets the arc of history.

In the month of March, we’re going to be reading about some very flawed people and how God intervened in their lives. It’s fascinating to note that the Bible never hides the weaknesses of God’s people. As we read through the books of Joshua, Judges and Ruth, we’re reminded of the fact that God used flawed individuals. It’s a reminder to us that God isn’t searching for perfect people… he’s looking for those whose hearts are turned toward him.

Most of us are painfully aware of our own flaws. These stories serve as an encouragement to us – God can and will use us to accomplish his purposes, flaws and all.

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