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Gospel Primer - An Exciting 10 Week Journey

Gospel Primer - An Exciting 10 Week Journey

This fall our congregation will embark upon a life-shaping journey. For 10 weeks beginning on September 16, we’ll be focusing on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Specifically, we’ll be learning about how the good news transforms our identity and reshapes the very rhythms of our lives.

To facilitate our learning, we’re encouraging our church family to go through the workbook by Caesar Kalinowski entitled The Gospel Primer. Throughout the eight chapters of the book, we’ll focus on God as the hero of our story and how his actions impact our lives for good.

We’re anticipating that this study will change us. The more we understand the good news, the more we become good news to others. Whether for one Sunday, or for the whole series, we’d love to have you join us!

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