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As we begin 2018, we’re going to focus on a topic that is getting a lot of blog space – detoxification. Google it and you’ll read that there are multiple ways to rid our bodies, our lifestyles, and our souls from toxins that hinder us from functioning at top level.

Looking at it from a biblical perspective, the theme of detoxification is actually an ancient one. The people of God have always been alert to both physical toxins and spiritual toxins. It’s well known that the ancient Jews were required by God to practice a special diet that set them apart from the people around them. Certain foods, like pork, were completely off-limits. And they were also required to guard their souls from toxic influences by steering clear of certain ideas and practices.

What about us? What are the things that toxify our lives? And how do we get rid of them?

During this month, we’ll encourage one another to do a spiritual detox. We’ll learn from Scripture about how God cleanses us from our busy-ness, our over-consumption, and our self-serving attitudes. It turns out that those things are toxic to our soul. But God has a plan for purification.

It’s time for a soul detox!

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