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Course Correction

Course Correction

How often do we need a course correction? When it comes to air flight, the answer to that question is “almost constantly.” The pilot files a flight plan before departure, but various factors influence that course and adjustments are required throughout the flight in order to get to the intended

Our life course is similar. We have a pathway and destination that God has designed for us, but almost constant Course Corrections are necessary. That’s because we’re so easily deterred, distracted and misdirected. Fortunately, God has given us his Holy Spirit to continually reminds us of the things Jesus taught his disciples – words of guidance and direction that put us back on course.

During this Lenten season (the 40 days leading up to Passion Week), we’ll be examining the instructions that Jesus gave to his disciples as his crucifixion drew near. These were the course corrections necessary in order to prepare them for the assignment that was to come – taking the Gospel to the entire world. His teachings on things like leadership, servanthood, money, prayer, and right relationships were essential to keeping them on course. These lessons are essential to us, as well!

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